Useful links for Kubernetes

In this article, you can find useful links for learning and using Kubernetes. (unlike the well-known links (,, …) )

  • Very good to start learning the basics of Docker and Kubernetes, also you can find deep dive courses.
  • katacoda : Learn new technologies using real environments right in your browser
  • learn.openshift : You can use it to experiment, learn OpenShift and see how we can help solve real-world problems.
  • : Free e-learning courses for the VMware Tanzu Portfolio and Cloud-Native Technologies
  • k8syaml : Kubernetes YAML Generator, ( you can create YAML files easily)
  • K9s : K9s provides a terminal UI to interact with your Kubernetes clusters. The aim of this project is to make it easier to navigate, observe and manage your applications. (Supported Linux, Windows, and Mac)
  • Carvel : provides a set of reliable, single-purpose, composable tools that aid in your application building, configuration, and deployment to Kubernetes.
  • Octant : an open-source developer-centric web interface for Kubernetes that lets you inspect a Kubernetes cluster and its applications.
  • : Create a Lab for Vmware Tanzu and make tests easily.

Kubernetes Collection books: 

  • Hands-on Kubernetes on Azure, Third Edition
  • Designing Distributed Systems
  • The Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook
Useful links for Kubernetes

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