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Advantages of using Commvault WorkFlow

  I created too many important workflows on Commvault. The use cases where I used workflows are as follows: Repetitive restore tests, Conditional backup that makes some operations before it, Create snapshots and mount snap disks to hosts from Hitachi,…

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Security Tips for Storage and Backup Admins

1. EMC Networker: Change “remote access” option *@*  on every client” –> https://sysarticles.com/emc-networker-security-exploit-that-remote-access/ 2. Veritas Netbackup: Remove No.Restrictions file –> https://sysarticles.com/security-expolit-on-netbackup-no-restrictions/ 3. EMC VMAX: Change default password of SMC user in unisphere (take snapshot or backup before changing. If you would get…

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Security expolit on Netbackup (No.Restrictions)

Sometimes we or some consultants put No.Restrictions file in “INSTALL DIR\netbackup\db\altnames” directory, this option  makes our work easier. But it is a security risk, because of every netbackup client on the your network can restore data from any other clients. So, anybody can restore data…

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