Advantages of using Commvault WorkFlow

  I created too many important workflows on Commvault. The use cases where I used workflows are as follows: Repetitive restore tests, Conditional backup that makes some operations before it, Create snapshots and mount snap disks to hosts from Hitachi, EMC, and HPE storages. They have been working without problems for years. So, I would […]

Protect Commvault Disk Libraries from Ransomware

To protect disk libraries from Ramsomware, you can activate Ramsomware Protection on properties of Commvault Media agent Another important feature, you can get alert if commvault backed up encrypted ransomware files Related posts: Security Tips for Storage and Backup Admins Advantages of using Commvault WorkFlow How to find orphaned images on disk for netbackup? ( dedup […]

Security Tips for Storage and Backup Admins

1. EMC Networker: Change “remote access” option *@*  on every client” –> 2. Veritas Netbackup: Remove No.Restrictions file –> 3. EMC VMAX: Change default password of SMC user in unisphere (take snapshot or backup before changing. If you would get “Failed to authenticate user.” error, there is no way to fix except restore or reinstall. […]

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