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Security Tips for Storage and Backup Admins

1. EMC Networker: Change “remote access” option *@*  on every client” –> https://sysarticles.com/emc-networker-security-exploit-that-remote-access/ 2. Veritas Netbackup: Remove No.Restrictions file –> https://sysarticles.com/security-expolit-on-netbackup-no-restrictions/ 3. EMC VMAX: Change default password of SMC user in unisphere (take snapshot or backup before changing. If you would get “Failed to authenticate user.” error, there is no way to fix except restore or reinstall. […]

EMC Networker security exploit that “Remote access”

If you didn’t care when you installed EMC networker software, some consultants enter an option *@* for every client, this means that every networker client on the your network can restore data from any other clients. So, anybody can restore data of your important servers, then they can lookup and/or copy your important datas. Related […]

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