Youtube Channel Filter

If you don’t want to prevent YouTube completely and if you only want to allow some channels; You can use “Blocksi Web Filter” extension on Chrome. The free version is very useful. But there are a few problems if you don’t want the to end-user doesn’t change the settings, or remove them. If you don’t […]

Events, Success Stories, etc ….

  28.08.2019 – Hitachi Master Club 15.10.2019 – Commvault GO ( Workflow Presentation and Panel) 23.10.2019 – HPE Synergy Users Club 05.12.2019 – Platinonline – HPE Synergy 17.02.2020 – Commvault Case Study 07.10.2020 – IDC PANEL – “Innovating and Growing in the Next Normal” 01.11.2020 – Platin Digital Trend – HPE Success Story Related posts: […]

Commvault, Netbackup, EMC networker benchmark – 22.11.2016

The comparison criteria that I made for the enterprise backup software towards the end of 2016 are as follows:   Feature Capability Can it back up its own deduplicated disk has it DR active management server The difficulty of AlwaysON SQL Restore Reporting backup and restore the last full backup with the command Get VM […]

Hitachi VSP (or HPE XP) host mode options

When you create host group on Hitachi VSP (or HPE XP) series, you can use these best practices for most used operating systems. For all operating systems: If you have GAD ( or HA) you must enable 88(Port Consolidation) in Host Mode Options. For Windows, host mode is  2C [Windows Extension] Enable from host mod […]

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