Windows 10 – Folders open with a long long delay after clicking

I had a problem with open folders and right-click in Windows 10, and solved it today. First look at the System Logs in Event Viewer: Unable to start a DCOM Server: {9F156763-7844-4DC4-B2B1-901F640F5155} as Unavailable/Unavailable. The error: “2147943631” Happened while starting this command: “C:\WINDOWS\system32\DllHost.exe” /Processid:{9F156763-7844-4DC4-B2B1-901F640F5155} Related posts: Find a specific user events in Windows Security Logs […]

Cloud experience – Microsoft Azure 1

It might make sense if you sometimes turn the server on and sometimes off on the cloud, it can give you an advantage in price. But there are also fixed costs(like storage, network,  etc…) and unseen charges that I wanted to share my experience. Related posts: Vmware Vsphere: Network Security Considerations Commvault Simpana 10 SP11 […]

Youtube Channel Filter

If you don’t want to prevent YouTube completely and if you only want to allow some channels; You can use “Blocksi Web Filter” extension on Chrome. The free version is very useful. But there are a few problems if you don’t want the to end-user doesn’t change the settings, or remove them. If you don’t […]

Events, Success Stories, etc ….

  28.08.2019 – Hitachi Master Club 15.10.2019 – Commvault GO ( Workflow Presentation and Panel) 23.10.2019 – HPE Synergy Users Club 05.12.2019 – Platinonline – HPE Synergy 17.02.2020 – Commvault Case Study 07.10.2020 – IDC PANEL – “Innovating and Growing in the Next Normal” 01.11.2020 – Platin Digital Trend – HPE Success Story Related posts: […]

Commvault, Netbackup, EMC networker benchmark – 22.11.2016

The benchmark results that I made for the enterprise backup software towards the end of 2016 are as follows: Related posts: Commvault Simpana 10 SP11 güncellemesi sırasında çıkan hata çözümü Netbackup status code 239 Advantages of using Commvault WorkFlow EMC Networker security exploit that “Remote access” Netbackup üzerinde yedeklenen diskin durumunu kontrol etme ve UP […]

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