How to Expand a Striped Meta on EMC VMAX (Disk büyütme işlemi)

1. Create new meta devices that you will add to disk:

symconfigure -cmd “create dev count=X, size=cyl, emulation=FBA, config=TDEV, mvs_ssid=0, device_attr=SCSI3_persist_reserv;” prepare / commit

·        Change the X and Y to the correct values for your environment

·         Make a note of the device IDs, I’ll call them AAAA and BBBB, assuming you created two

Example: symconfigure -sid 096 -cmd “create dev count=8, size=27776 cyl, emulation=FBA, config=TDEV, mvs_ssid=0, device_attr=SCSI3_persist_reserv;” commit

New symdevs: 01D1C:01D23 [TDEVs]


2.      Create new BCV meta devices that exactly same as Striped Meta that you want expand :

symconfigure -cmd “create dev count=1, size=Y cyl, config=BCV+TDEV, emulation=FBA, mvs_ssid=0;” prepare / commit

·        Change the Y to the current size of the meta you are expanding

·         Note the device IDs, I’ll call them XXXX and YYYY, assuming auto meta settings created two devices

Example: symconfigure -sid 096 -cmd “create dev count=8, size=27776 cyl, config=BCV+TDEV, emulation=FBA, mvs_ssid=0;” commit

New symdevs:  01AAC-01AB3


3.       Create volume from BCV meta devices:

symconfigure -cmd “form meta from dev XXXX, config=striped, stripe_size=1 cyl; add dev YYYY to meta XXXX;” prepare / commit

you can make 2nd and 3th steps with unisphere:

a.        Select Storage -> volumes -> “Create meta volume” under BCV+TDEVS 


b.        Select “Create volumes” and “Using New Virtual Volumes”.


c.       Enter Member Count and Member Capacity that exacly same as stiraped meta that you want to expand , then select BCV+TDEV.

Number of Meta Volumes 1 * Meta Volume Capacity Meta Volume Member Count including Head Meta Volume Member Capacity 2776JJ Calculated Meta Volume Capacity 2034 GB ¡ 222 S Cyl * Volume Configuration B+TDEV

d.        Select “Run Now”, then copy device IDs.


4.      Bind this meta to a pool – symconfigure -cmd “bind tdev XXXX to Pool <POOL> preallocate size =ALL allocate_type = persistent;” prepare / commit

·         Replace <POOL> with one of your pool names

with unisphere:

a.        Select Bind under Storage -> Thin Pools -> Pool:

Rebalance Variance (1-50) 1 Maximum Volumes per Rebalance Scan .. 256 Pool Reserved Capacity Enabled ü Expand Bind

b.        Enter Volume ID, then select “Find Volumes” :

Thin Volunıes Wizard 1 Find Volumes Find volumes that match the following criteria Capacity equal to GB %. Volume ID 3335 (e.g. 001 or 001-OFF or 001 ,003-OTF) Volume Identifier Name Additional Criteria Select Category Add Another Clear All Find Volumes> Cancel Help


c.    Select related volume, “Allocate Full Volume Capacity” and “Persist preallocated capacity …” , then click Bind :

Selected 0 items Allocate Full Volume Capac) Persist preallocated capacity through reclaim or <Modify Criteria Bind Cancel Help


Not: if Dynamic RDF is enabled you will get  “ Error occurred while Defining change number 1:

   The devices being acted on are a mixture of dynamic and Non dynamic DRDF devices

   Device 1D1C generated the failure”

errors at 5th step. So you must enable Dynamic RDF on AAAA:BBBB devices

To enable Dynamic RDF :

symconfigure -sid aaa -cmd “set device AAAA:BBBB attribute=dyn_rdf;” commit

Example: symconfigure -sid 096 -cmd “set device 01D1C:01D23 attribute=dyn_rdf;”  commit

5.     Now you can add new meta devices:

symconfigure -cmd “add dev AAAA:BBBB to meta ZZZZ, protect_data=TRUE, bcv_meta_head=XXXX;” prepare / commit

·         AAAA and BBBB are the device IDs created in step 1

·         ZZZZ is the device IDs of the meta head you want to expand

·         XXXX is the device IDs of the BCV meta head created in step 3

·         Example: symconfigure -sid 096 -cmd “add dev 1D1C:1D23 to meta 08BC, protect_data=TRUE, bcv_meta_head=1AAC;” commit


6.    After expand operation you can unbind BCV volume, then dissolve and delete BCV meta devices. Look at: “EMC VMAX – Removal Of A TDEV”


How to Expand a Striped Meta on EMC VMAX (Disk büyütme işlemi)

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