How to find orphaned images on disk for netbackup? ( dedup disk or advanced disk full problem )

If you believe that the disk is too full that should be more than normally.(I had this problem on 3 netbackup 5220 appliance that version 2.5.2 and 2 windows media server that version, I found and deleted them,then 50TB space was freed from dedup disks of three apliances.) We need a bpimmedia list from the master server, and catalog lists from the deduplication media servers to compare and find out if there are orphaned images. Follow the steps below:

1) Identify the disk pool name and then collect NetBackup Image list from the Master Server:

For Windows master server:-

<install path>\veritas\Netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpimmedia -stype PureDisk -dp <POOLNAME> >c:\NBU_Images.txt

or for UNIX master server:-

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincdmd/bpimmedia -stype PureDisk -dp <POOLNAME> >/tmp/NBU_Images.txt


2) Gather deduplication image list (replace “mediaservername” in the commands below with the actual media server name)

a) For Windows MSDP storage server:

Change to “<STORAGE_LOCATION>\databases\catalog” folder and run:

dir /b /s /a-d |findstr /vi “__” >c:\DEDUPE_IMAGES-mediaservername.txt

 b) For Unix MSDP storage server change to “<STORAGE_LOCATION>/databases/catalog” and run:

find -not -name “__*__*” -type f >/tmp/DEDUPE_IMAGES-mediaservername.txt

3) Compare output files NBU_Images.txt and DEDUPE_IMAGES.txt files.

If you find extra image names in NBU_Images.txt, so, you have orphaned images.

Create a technical case in or contact me to delete these images.