Hitachi VSP (or HPE XP) host mode options

When you create host group on Hitachi VSP (or HPE XP) series, you can use these best practices for most used operating systems.

For all operating systems:

  • If you have GAD ( or HA) you must enable 88(Port Consolidation) in Host Mode Options.

For Windows, host mode is  2C [Windows Extension]

  • Enable from host mod options:
    • 40 (V-VOL expansion),
    • 73 (Support Option for WS2012),
    • 105 (Task Set Full response in the event of I/O overload),
  •  If it is “Windows Cluster”, enable
    • 25 (Support SPC-3 behavior on Persistent Reservation)
  •  If you have GAD ( or HA) and server has HDLM, enable
    • 78 (The non-preferred path option)

For Vmware, host mode is  21 [VMware Extension]

  • Enable from host mod options:
    • 54 (VAAI) Support Option for the EXTENDED COPY command
    • 63 (VAAI) Support Option for vStorage APIs based on T10 standarts.

For Linux, host mode is  00 [Standart]

  • Enable from host mod options:
    •  68 Support Page Reclamation for Linux

Author: Ali YAZICI

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