Book Recommendation: πŸš€ Good to Great πŸ“˜

Cover Good to Great

A truly excellent book for the business world. 🌟
The best part of the book is that the author remained faithful to the data, even if it was contrary to his thoughts, and wrote down the results and unexpected conclusions after discussing them with his team. He has already given good examples of the attitudes of companies that have gone to perfection in the “confront the brutal facts” section, and he has applied the same strategy in his book.

While Wells Fargo adopted a model based on the idea that β€œyou hire the best people and train them to be the best managers in the industry,” Bank of America adopted the β€œweak generals, strong lieutenants” approach. The differences and results of these two approaches are really interesting.

🀝 He analyzed very well the growth cycle and the companies in the opposite cycle, which he calls the wheel of doom, and came up with formulas that appeal to everyone.

The biggest common feature of the companies that entered the wheel of doom was that they wasted time due to the reasons mentioned in the book.


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Book Recommendation: πŸš€ Good to Great πŸ“˜

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